“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

-Benjamin Franklin 


I support learning that has a purpose, encourages goal creation, motivates and gives children focus and opportunity. 

Positive K-12 education results in better than average state graduation rates, and serves as a launch pad for higher education, enabling rewarding careers and vocations, and can inspire community leaders.

Let’s invest in…

  • Integration of career pathways into curriculum and learning objectives

  • Connecting learning with career options 

  • Innovation & centers of learning for STEM, The Arts, and Teaching 


“Schools should support every child, the whole child.”

- Nicole Cole

Let’s invest in broader mental health programs and use “return to learn” and annual budget funding to increase mental health awareness, resources, information, and support for all students and educators from K-12. 

​Our children need to know their mental and physical well-being is a priority. The mental challenges our children and educators face is not always obvious. 


My goal:  To make sure educators have the resources they need to:

  • create awareness 

  • educate students and staff on mental illness

  • foster an open and safe environment for children and staff to get help easily and confidentially, and include parent support. 


“The essential purpose of educating young people remains the same: to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they will need after they graduate.”

(Look, Listen, Learn, LEAD, Jeffery Smith

I want financing of public education in Spotsylvania to make sense. I am not a politician. I am a parent and a business owner who makes money by making other people’s money make sense.  I will advocate for Spotsylvania school’s fair share of county revenue as a commitment from the Board of Supervisors. 


I advocate for investing in areas that offer the greatest return, benefits our schools and allows me to be the best advocate for funding.

My Experience: 

  • MBA in finance since 97, financial educator since 2004

  • Advocated for school funding in Spotsylvania since 2018 

  • Member of Spotsylvania’s Citizens Budget Review Board